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One to One Coaching

Do you feel as if you just need to accept work stress?
Do you feel misunderstood at work or at home?
Do you wonder if constantly feeling overwhelmed is just how life is meant to be?
Do you wish things could change but you just don’t know where to start?

You don’t need to do this alone.

Let me help support you to take action and accountability to transform your life to reflect your dreams. Together we can find your potential.

Vanessa offers one to one coaching services for staff, management and entrepreneurs.
Find support with the perfect Coaching support

Team Building

Vanessa offers a team building service like no other. Don't miss the opportunity for her to have your team buzzing and committed for the future.
Vanessa’s warmth and energy engage the whole team

Are you curious about the people in your team?
How many times have you said to yourself – we should make time for a team build activity?
Are you worried about whether you will please everyone with your choice?

Vanessa has the perfect solution.

Let me put together a bespoke team build activity that l guarantee will have your people buzzing long after the session.

Sounds incredible?

It’s ok to change your opinion. It’s ok to be influenced. It’s ok to lead with an open mind.

Are you ready?
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