Vanessa Baxter on The Project on TVNZ as a Social and Behavioural Expert

My Approach

I am determined, passionate and committed to bring your story alive. I believe in life-long learning and being the best I can be in all endeavours. I will throw myself fearlessly into your project producing work that will highlight your mission and vision, via the written or spoken word.

My Story

I have travelled my entire life, as an expat child, a courageous solo young woman and as an expat girlfriend, spouse and mother. Along the way I have needed to reinvent myself, seek out opportunities, friendships and support a family. I have written, cooked, managed teams, supported others and educated along the way. I still focus on the empowerment of others, inspiring them with my wisdom and looking for every chance to learn something from them at the same time. I am driven by social impact and purposeful enterprise.

Why Me?

You can fully trust me to stay focussed, organised and professional. You can rely on my commitment to communicate with you as needed to support my work on your project. You will receive timely updates, a well delivered final result, a unique perspective and attention to detail.


Ok so I am not so brilliant at the selfie!!